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The new LLD Applicator

A new standard in comfort and speed for Hair Removal

Forma-tk is proud to annouce the official comertial release of the new LLD (Large Laser Diode) Applicator. The new LLD applicator is equipped with a large 4.5cm² tip and a fast mode allowing skin coverage area of up to 18cm² per secound - Making it one of the fastest Hiar removal solutions in the world. 

The LLD applicator features: 
- 4.5cm² tip
- Groundbreaking new cooling system for reduced discomfort 
- Warranty guarentee for extended number of pulses

The new LLD applicator was developed to offer the ultimate Hair Removal solution for doctors and clinics who work with high volume hiar removal. The LLD supports all 5 modes of operation allowing practitionars to tailor each treatment according to the patient skin type and treatment stage.

The LLD is Forma-tk's new addition to the applicators available for the MAGMA Platform 

Interested in learning more? Please visit our LLD applicator page to learn more about the new applicator advantages.
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