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Post Acne Scars

Effective treatment of post active scars

Post acne scars are a major cause for disfigurement on the face in young people. Several treatments of the past, such as chemical peeling, laser resurfacing and cosmetic surgery, had disadvantages of either being too mild and ineffective or too aggressive and complicated.

Today, a new technology, Bi Polar radio-frequency, has become available solution post acne scars. This recent development offers the advantage of being effective even on deep-pitted and box scars.

Forma-tk’s post acne scars treatment is available as a safe and effective for all areas and skin types and with zero down time. The practitioner’s ability to adjust the wavelength used insures that treatment can be individualised according to the specific needs of each patient.

The treatment is based on a natural biological effect of collagen stimulation due to a deep tissues warm up. A basic treatment protocol will usually start with a skin polishing by forma-tk's PLG applicator following by the ST applicator.

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