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Alpha System

Making Premium The New Standard


A winning combination of 3D IPL and Diode Laser technologies on a single device, the first of its kind. Providing users the benefits of the two most in-demad technologies used in over 50% of nonsurgical aesthetic procedures. With premium features such as the 5 treatment modes and Milo the melanin meter, user can easily personalize treatment parameters to individual patients.

808nm Diode Laser Technology

Suitable for  Hair Reduction treatments including dark skin

laser technology

MILO- The Melanin Meter

A diagnostic instrument used to evaluate patient’s skin. Provides a scientific method for setting treatment parameters in hair removal and Photorejuvination procedures by measuring melanin levels in patients’ skin, thereby making it safe and easy to tailor procedures to your patients’ skin type and treatment stage.

3D Pulse Technology

Suitable for: Vascular Lesions, Hair Reduction, Pigmented Lesions, Acne and Skin Rejuvenation treatments


3D- Pulse technology allows independent control over the
energy, pulse duration and crystal cooling temperature. 
Determining the cooling level helps practitioners provide 
a more accurate interaction with the tissue,
thereby delivering a more precise and effective treatment.


  •  single mode SINGLE MODE
    Safe and effective treatment allows for maximal damage 
    to the hair at a single pass
    double mode DOUBLE MODE
    Divide the total pulse energy into two consecutive pulses
    for a more gradual heating and reduced discomfort
     fast mode

    Virtually painless treatment at an astonishing
    speed of up to 10 pulses per second
    100MS MODE

    Multiple 5 ms pulses released over a pulse cycle of 100ms
    to offer a safe&effective treatment for skin type 5
    400MS MODE

    Multiple 3ms pulses released over a pulse cycle of 400ms 
    to offer a safe &effective treatment for skin type 6
  • 808nm Diode Lasers
      ALD (Advanced Laser Diode)  LLD (Large Laser Diode)  
    Energy Up to 120J Up to 135J
    Speed Up to 10Hz Up to 3Hz
    Tip Size 10x12mm (1.2cm2) 30x15mm (4.5cm2)
    Pulse Modes Single| Medium| Fast| 100ms| 400ms
    Cooling Frame & Sapphire cooling to 4° C
    Intense Pilsed Light (IPL)
    Tip Size 10X20 mm | (2cm2) 50x10mm | (5cm2)
    Wavelength 430|530|590 nm 530|650 nm
    Energy Up to (45J/cm2) Up to (35J/cm2)
    Speed Up to 3 Hz Up to 3 Hz
    Treatment Modes Single|Double|Triple              Single|Double|Continuous
    Cooling 5° C Contact cooling | Independent temperature control
      Light-weight IPL applicators
    Milo Melanin Meter Skin Melanin meter 1-100
    Touch Screen Size 10.4' Inch
    Device Dimensions H= 55cm, W=50cm, D=53cm
     Weight 23Kg
    Power 100-240 Vac         50-60 Hz
    Languages  Multi Lingual
  • User friendly, Multilingual Alpha interface equipped with set of default treatments parameters presets for :  Vascular Lesions, Hair Reduction, Pigmented Lesions, Acne, Skin Rejuvenation and more.
    With MILO these features allows more accurate and scientific treatment methods.

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