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Advanced Laser Diode 808 nm Applicator


The ALD applicator was specifically developed to treat Hair Removal in all skin types. Utilizing Forma-tk’s unique Diode Laser technology, the applicator destroys the hair follicular unit in a safe and effective way.

Treatment Speed

The ALD applicator delivers a fast, safe and effective hair removal treatment. The applicator features a 10x12mm (1.2 cm²) tip that can provide treatments at speed of up to 10Hz. Working in Fast Mode, the ALD provides a smooth solution with minimal or no pain. 

5 modes of operation:

  • Slow mode: Allows high energy admission at speeds of up to 3 Hz.
  • Medium mode: Uses up to 75 j/cm².
  • Fast mode: Painless and effective treatment using 10 J/cm² at a speed of up to 10Hz.
  • 100 ms mode: Targeted specifically at skin types V and VI
  • 400 ms mode: Targeted specifically at skin type VI

Advanced dual cooling system

In order to minimize discomfort and potential skin damage, an efficient skin cooling system (Sapphire contact cooling tip) is used to chill the skin prior, during and post treatment. The ALD 808 nm applicator is a clinically effective and safe hair removal applicator for all skin types. The ergonomic and lightweight design makes it convenient and easy to use. The light guide (tip size) on the applicator is 12X10 mm that allows pinpoint treatments in specific areas.

Enhanced Safety Features

The ALD applicator features the highest safety standards, as the treatment program is tailored to each individual patient; the programs are determined based on a live reading of melanin level in each patient’s skin by using the Melanin-meter. An advanced water-based cooling system cools the applicator tip to 4°C, insuring reduced treatment discomfort.
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