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IPL Body Hair Removal Applicator


The IPL B-HR and the IPL B-HR* are very similar applicators, specifically developed to treat Hair Removal for mid-sized areas like the face, neck, armpits and bikini line. The difference between the two applicators is the wavelength.

The B-HR uses a shorter wavelength that targets lighter skin types while the B-HR* applicator uses a longer wavelength, that targets darker skin types. Both use Forma-tk’s unique IPL-USP technology. The IPL B-HR and the IPL B-HR* are ergonomically designed and lightweight for convenience and ease of use. The light guide (tip size) of the applicators are 3 cm² and allow for better flow of treatment across mid-sized areas.

3 modes of operation:

  • Single
  • Double
  • Continuous 

Pulse Density matters!

Forma-tk’s unique IPL technology, developed specifically to offer the highest pulse density in today’s market, reaching 22 J/cm² in 5 milliseconds. The density of the pulse is measured by the amount of energy emitted per cm² per time unit (J/ cm²/Millisecond). This the primary factor in determining treatment effectiveness and discomfort levels.

  • Increased Treatment Efficiency: Using Forma-tk’s high pulse density, Formatk’s IPL allows practitioners to offer more effective IPL treatments with results that can be seen more quickly. This is especially important when performing Hair Removal, Pigmentation and Nail Fungus Treatments.
  • Reduced Discomfort: The ability to provide a high level of energy in less than the TRT (Thermal Relaxation Time) means that discomfort levels are significantly reduced. The result is an effective treatment with minimal discomfort.

Ease of Use 

The mode is easily selected from the touch screen menu.Forma-tk introduces the highest level of control and safety. The IPL B-HR applicator is equipped with a skin proximity sensor in the front of the applicator and two LED lights (Ready/ Stand By) at the back of the indicator. These safety features protect practitioners from releasing unwanted pulses when the applicator is miss-positioned.

The IPL B-HR/B-HR* are available for the following systems:

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