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Fast and painless hair removal


The LLD 808nm laser diode applicator was specifically developed to safely and effectively treat Hair Removal for all skin types. The large 4.5 cm² tip and fast modes of operation make the LLD one of the fastest hair removal solutions in the world.

Treatment Speed

The LLD applicator features one of the fastest hair removal procedures in the world. This enables practitioners around the world to safely and effectively treat more patients in less time. The LLD applicator features a 15x30mm (4.5cm²) tip size with the ability to treat speeds of up to 4Hz, resulting in a maximum coverage area of 18 cm² per second and a total coverage area of 13,500,000 cm² under warranty. The high power laser diode featured in the LLD applicator is of the highest quality and allows the LLD to set a new standard for treatment speed with reduced treatment discomfort.

5 Modes of Operations

When it comes to Hair Removal, there is simply no single treatment that fits all patients. The LLD applicator allows practitioners to tailor each treatment according to patient skin type and treatment stage. This allows for optimal treatment results. The 5 modes include:

● Slow mode: single pulse up to 1Hz
● Medium mode: Fluence -pulse building at up to 2Hz
● Fast mode: Painless and effective treatment using up to 10.1 J/cm² at a speed of up to 4Hz.
● 100 ms mode; Targeted specifically at skin type V and VI.
● 400 ms mode; Targeted specifically at skin type VI

Enhanced Safety Features

The LLD applicator features the highest safety standards, treatment programs are specifically tailored to each individual patient; the programs are determined based on a live reading of the melanin level in each patient's skin by using the Melanin-meter. An advanced water-based cooling system cools the applicator tip to 4°C, insuring reduced treatment discomfort.
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