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Nd:YAG 1064nm

Nd:YAG treatment has just got much better

Nd:YAG 1064nm
The Nd:YAG 1064nm wavelength laser applicator was specifically developed to offer effective and safe treatments for Vascular Lesions and Hair Removal. The light ergonomic design, advanced cooling system and warranty granted for an extended number of pulses makes Forma-tk’s Nd:YAG the ultimate choice for an Nd:YAG applicator.


Forma-tk’s Nd:YAG applicator offers a safe and effective approach for the treatment of Vascular Lesions, including spider and thread veins, and capillary vascular malformations. The applicator includes  three interchangeable sapphire tips, 3mm for superficial fine vessels, 5mm for medium sized veins, and 8mm for larger treatment areas. 

Diode Powered Nd:YAG applicator

A neodymium YAG laser is powered by a matched high efficiency laser diode allowing fluence of up to 220 J/cm², resulting in a compact, high-efficiency and long-lifetime Nd:YAG applicator. Forma-tk’s Nd:YAG applicator features a 1064nm long-wave laser, providing deep penetration depth for a safe and effective approach to coagulate blood as well as treatment of deep and thick blood vessels. Powered by an advanced laser diode, the applicator offers an extended life span amounting to an average of six times the number of pulses as compared to the competitors.

A Smooth Treatment Flow

Featuring the optimal treatment flow, the Nd:YAG applicator offers a treatment speed of up to 3Hz. The uniquely designed cooling frame is cooled to 4°C, offering a reduction in treatment discomfort and smooth treatment flow. Safe and effective results are easily achieved when using one of the three interchangeable tip sizes (3/5/8mm). An additional laser pointer is included, that enables practitioners to treat pinpoint lesions with the highest degree of accuracy.

Enhanced Safety Features

The Nd:YAG applicator features the highest safety standards, treatment programs are tailored to each individual patient; the programs are determined based on a live reading of the melanin level in each patient's skin by using the Melanin-meter.  An advanced water-based cooling system is responsible for cooling the applicator tip to 4°C, insuring reduced treatment discomfort.
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