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Skin Tightening Applicator


The ST applicator was specially developed to treat Deep Wrinkles, Skin Laxity and Stretch Marks by utilising Forma-tk’s unique Multi-Frequency Bi-Polar RF technology. The applicator is ergonomically designed and lightweight making it convenient and easy to use. The two Bi-Polar electrodes are chilled to 4°C in order to eliminate treatment discomfort.

What is the SMART-ST?

Skin Tightening treatments have always been in high demand. However, the pain and discomfort levels associated with this treatment created a challenge. In 2015 Forma-tk released a new technological breakthrough that allows practitioners to offer Skin Tightening treatments with significantly less discomfort without compromising the results.

Forma-tk innovation included a re-structuring of the RF pulse used in the treatment. The restructuring of the pulse led to a significant (53%) decrease in discomfort levels reported by patients which consequently allowed practitioners to use higher levels of energy for each pulse - leading to more effective treatment results.

How does it works?  

Treatment using the ST applicator generates non-invasive, deliberate and controlled collagen damage while simultaneously stimulating the fibroblast cell to induce new collagen creation and elastin.

The touch screen provides practitioners with complete control over the treatment. The practitioner can select either Shallow or Deep target areas and the appropriate corresponding energy admission levels. This allows the targeting of specific areas which have lower tissue concentration (forehead, cheekbones and jawline) or more fleshy areas such as the cheeks.
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