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Flaccid Skin Tightening

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In recent years radiofrequency technology have been introduced for treatment of a variety of skin conditions, particularly, skin tightening and laxity.

These nonsurgical technology induce tissue tightening and contour changes through dermal collagen remodeling without disruption of the overlying epidermis, obviating a significant recovery period or risk of serious adverse affects. As such, radiofrequency-based systems have been used successfully for nonablative skin tightening procedures.

Forma-tk's Bi-polar ST applicator emits up to 100j/cm3. The 2 chilled electrodes decrease patients discomfort and allow a high fluence transfer to deeper tissues, resulting in an immediate and long lasting skin tightening effect. Following the treatment, patients can go back to thier daily activity immediately. 

Popular body zones for the above mention application: check, jaw line, neck, saggy tummy etc. A series of 4-6 monthly sessions is usually required to get optimal results.

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